More on Safety in Mexico


Right now is the hiring season at most schools here in Mexico and several future teachers have found my blog recently.  No doubt, they are going through many of the same things I went through before moving here–including disbelief and fear from family and friends.  Mexico is scary and dangerous, right?  It was hard when I was moving to deal with all the excitement and nervousness while still assuring those who love me that it was unlikely that I was going to be murdered the first time I stepped outside my house.

I came across a new article today which I feel helps put things in perspective: Are Americans Safer in Mexico?  Obviously statistics can be twisted, but the murder rate comparisons are pretty interesting.  I think that this article might be helpful for those who are trying to ease fears–their own and those of their family/friends.  Also, while it is completely anecdotal, I experienced far more encounters with violence in one year in St. Louis than I have so far here.



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  1. The problem with statistics is the data is only good as the reporting. It does not include all the missing and presumed dead plus the fact that much goes unreported in Mexico.

    Now, being done with the gloom and doom report, I will say I think you are in an area where I would consider safer. And foreign teachers, as far as I know, are not part of these statistics any where in Mexico.

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