And My First Year Teaching Comes to an End


Well, it actually came to an end last Friday.  I have so many things I want to say, but I don’t think all the words are there–so this will just be a series of random thoughts.

  • I am so incredibly thankful that I decided to get a degree in teaching.  I came to this profession in a time of crisis and this profession has carried me through a completely different time of crisis.  I see so many women and men who are in situations similar to myself but who either do not have an education degree or who do not have a degree at all and they are at an unfair disadvantage because of it.  So much of what keeps me comfortable and happy is because of my education and the job it has given me.
  • My children were amazing and I will miss them so, so much.  I am afraid that I will never have another group as amazing as them, though maybe this is just a normal fear for a first year teacher.  In my previous teaching experiences, I can be honest and say that I did not love every single child I taught; this year, I found a reason to love each of them.
  • I feel bad for being so worn out by the end of the year that I just wanted it over, even though I was happy and even though I love my kids.  It makes me worried that I didn’t enjoy each moment as much as I could have.  However, I began with orientation the second week of August, 2011 and didn’t finish until the last week of June, 2012; I feel like it is understandable to feel a bit worn out, even with all the breaks we get throughout the year.
  • I want to do better next year.  I honestly think that I am a good teacher, but I know I made plenty of mistakes (and I will continue to do so because it is all a learning process).  My biggest goal is to learn from those mistakes and make next year and even better year than this one.

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  1. Felicidades! Finishing your first your as a teacher is a huge accomplishment. It sounds like you had a really positive experience. Hope each year just gets better. 🙂

  2. A year of teaching under your belt! Very cool. It just seems like yesterday we were chatting back and forth about you moving down here. Hard to believe how fast time flies.

    I’m sure with each year you will learn new things and your teaching will be wonderful. I’m sure you are enjoying your summer off!

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