What I Miss About the United States


So, now we know what Sal misses from the U.S.  But what about me?  The truth is, I do not often find myself longing for something in the states.  The things I miss are little things and the pangs I feel for them leave quickly.  Many of the things I find myself missing, I end up quickly forgetting.  So here are the things I miss, besides family and friends, and there are probably more which will come later.

  • I miss real pet stores where I can choose from a wide selection and things are still cheap.
  • I miss clothing in my size with a wide selection and affordable prices.
  • I miss traffic rules that get enforced.
  • I miss clear rules and regulations and expectations in pretty much every aspect of life.
  • I miss awesome customer service.
  • I miss Wendy’s and Culvers.
  • I miss fake Mexican food.
  • I miss cheap Italian restaurants.
  • I miss nasty Chinese buffets and, really,  buffets in general.  Like Golden Corral.   I should probably be ashamed of this.
  • I miss Walgreens and American drug stores in general.  Everything you need in one small spot and the ability to get more than 20 pills of daily medications at once.
  • I miss cheddar cheese and goat cheese.
  • I miss American style Chinese food, in particular orange and lemon chicken.
  • I miss lemons.
  • I miss cheap make-up and having a wide variety to choose from.
  • I miss shoes in my size.
  • I miss Target.  Please come to Pachuca.
  • I miss cobblers, served warm with ice-cream on top.
  • I miss root beer and root beer floats.
  • I miss the security of reliable first responders.
  • I miss sitcoms and dramas.  Basically, any television not in telenovela or reality format.
  • I miss the various candies from the states, particularly chocolate ones.

For others living abroad, what do you miss from your home country?


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