What I Miss About the United States-Revisited


So, the last post I made before my hiatus was about things I miss from the United States.  Reading over it six months later, I realized there are some things I either no longer miss or have found here in Hidalgo or within easy distance.

What do I still miss?

  • I still miss real pet stores.  I cannot imagine how (much more) spoiled Georgia would be if I had a big box pet store nearby.
  • I still miss traffic rules that get enforced, though I have witnessed traffic cops pulling over red light runners several times in the last few months.  That was nice.
  • I have come to realize I don’t so much miss rules and regulations in all aspects of life–mainly just with my job.
  • I miss awesome customer service more than ever.  We moved houses in September and went through hell with Cablecom.  This will probably be a blog post soon enough.
  • Forget Wendy’s, but I still miss Culvers.
  • Cheap Italian is still deeply missed.  Around here, I can only get Italian food at prices that restrict it to a once or twice a year treat.
  • Still seriously miss lemons.  But I get my dose of lemony goodness in the form of lemon curd that I bring back from the states.
  • Shoes are still a problem.  Especially wide-calf boots.
  • Still miss Target, but only for the cheap clothes, really.  Old Navy in DF takes care of that, but it is a bit of a trek for me.
  • I definitely still miss the security of reliable first responders.

What do I no longer miss?

  • I no longer miss fake Mexican food.  Mainly because Wal-Mart now carries shredded Monterrey-Jack cheese and I can make it on my own.
  • I have found several places that carry clothing in my size.  Selection isn’t as good as in the US, but now there are enough companies that ship here that it doesn’t matter.
  • I do not miss buffets anymore.  I think I was having a fat girl moment when I wrote that.  And I have found several good Chinese places, though I tried many awful ones before I found them.
  • And my Walgreens longing is n the past as I have discovered Farmacias Guadalajara.
  • Cheddar cheese?  Goat cheese?  Available at several stores in my area.  Nice!
  • As far as make-up is concerned, I have found this awesome discount store in the center of town for all the items where quality isn’t the biggest issue.  For the items where quality is a concern, I order through Avon and Jafra.
  • I have found root beer at Waldo’s!  This was an exciting moment.
  • We upgraded our cable, and once it actually worked, I found stations airing the current season of many of my favorite shows.
  • And candies are no longer missed since I can find most of them at Waldo’s.

Perhaps in another six-months I will be able to whittle down my list even more.


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  1. As time goes on, you will miss (and forget) less and less. When friends used to ask what I missed (wanted them to mail me), I could rattle a list to them.

    Now, as you have found, I don’t miss those things because I don’t think about them. Or, I have found what I missed or found a suitable replacement. We have been here 5 years and the only things I still have my mom mail me when I need them are regular tea bags and qtips.

    Of course, I bring a lot of other crap back and mail things to myself. But, overall, I have found what I need, for the most part, down here. It just takes time to get that accomplished. You are quite more fortunate to live in a bigger city and live close enough to DF. You have access to lots of things I never will.

    Glad things are looking pretty easy for you!

  2. I missed USA things so much that I had to come back. I am so glad to be back but now I find I’m missing things there in Mexico, mainly my mom-in-law and her ways. Waldos was an awesome place for stocking up on those “back home” items…cheaply. All in all, I have reduced some of my habits since leaving Pachuca that I still haven’t picked them back up upon being back. Of course, being hospitalized and in treatments non-stop is most likely the culprit there.

  3. Sorry, i Just stumbled on your blog. I used to live in Pachuca for five years. I was there when walmart was first built. I remember the day i found flaky buiscuits in the refrigerated tin thing. I was so happy. And Waldo’s is amazing!!

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