How do You Call a Dog?


It has been nearly a year since we adopted Georgia, but early on I discovered a “language” difference I never imagined existed: apparently, I do not call my dog to me in Spanish.

When I call my dog to come, I say her name and make kissy noises.  “What is that?”  my husband asked the first time I did this.

“What do you mean?  I am calling the dog.”

“That is not how you call a dog.  That is how you call a horse.”

I then remembered this sound he would make to call a friend’s cat.  So I made that.  “Pitscha, pitscha!”

“What?!  That is for a cat!” he said.

“You have different calls for cats and dogs?”

“Yes, don’t you?”

I thought about and realized that no, unless I am in some sort of calling competition, which I have never been in, I would call all animals the same way.


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  1. It’s amazing how many different sounds and words used to call different animals in Spanish. There’s even a specific way to call horses, cows, and donkeys. 😛 I call both my dog and two cats the same way…by their names!

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