Adventures with the Cable Company


When I first moved to Pachuca, I chose Cablecom as my cable and internet provider.  It took 10 days from the day I arrived to get it installed.  I was quite pleased as I had expected it to be a huge hassle for me.  Aside from a few random outages of service, everything was excellent.

The contract ran out the same month we moved to our new home.  We went to the store to cancel and were told we could not cancel on any days except the 20-24 of each month.  This was a few weeks off, so we went ahead and signed a new contract to have cable installed in the new house and would cancel on one of the specified days.

The men arrived to install within a few days.  However, when they called the office, they were told they could not install until the service at the old house was disconnected, paid for, and the old materials returned.  They left.

We spoke with a friend of Sal’s who worked for Cablecom.  He told us that it could be installed, we just could not get the new modem until we were able to return the old one.  So he came out and installed the cable for us.

This lasted a week.  Then other workers came and disconnected us.  We were reported to the office as having stolen cable, despite having a contract and the system having been installed by their own workers.

For several weeks, we were forced to go to the local office on a near daily basis trying to get the situation cleared up and trying to shut-off cable at the old house.  Finally, we were told that they would be sending someone to reconnect the cable.  We explained that no one would be home until after 4pm on any given day and that they would need to come by after that time.

Each day I would come home and wait.  Each day Sal would go to the office and complain.  Each day they would explain that someone had come at 10, at noon, at 2.  But never at the time we said they could come.

Finally, Sal took a day off of work.  On this day, they didn’t show at all.

We began calling the customer service number on our contract.  The line was always busy and there was no waiting system.  We continued pestering the office.  Nothing.

Finally, we saw a Cablecom vehicle coming down the street.  We flagged him and asked him to simply reconnect the wire.  We showed him the contract, he called it in, and then shimmied up the pole and reconnected our cable.

If I move again, I think I’ll take my chances with Dish and Telmex.


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  1. Go dish! Ok, so here is my story (and thanks for reminding me how it is back home in Pachuca, ugh).
    We were with a telephone company (I think Axtel??) who would NOT accept my final payment or allow me to cancel when I was ready to leave the country 6 years ago. Why? Because it was in Felipe’s name. I explained that he already left the country and I want to do the correct thing: pay, cancel and leave. I went TO the location to pay, handed money of remaining bill over and they slid it back to me telling me they couldn’t accept. Felipe had to be the one to pay IN PERSON. So in the end, I never cancelled and never paid. Left for home. We came back 2 years later and wanted to get axtel again, but they said no…since we had a remaining balance. (duh) We said, ‘oh sorry. When we tried to pay, you wouldn’t accept so no thanks, we do not want your service again.’

    Still never paid in full. We paid partial since then while Feli was back in town – cause you know, we are brought up that way.

    Talk about backwards.

  2. UGH Mexican cable….I had many issues with Megacable, so I understand your pain! It took 3 weeks just for them to come connect everything. The first time our cable guy came, he put his ladder up into the wires in front of my house! He knocked the power out of the whole neighborhood. Super dramatic and dangerous :X

  3. When I first moved to Reynosa, I found out real quick about the cable bill staying with the residence when I went to the only cable provider in the area, Cablecom. They wanted $2200 pesos that was in arrears. I thought HELL NO. Luckily for me, the teacher living below me already had cable TV but no internet. I talked her into getting internet, connected a splitter and ran cable through a hole that was already in the wall to my apartment, and then setup wireless internet. I gave her an old computer (I used to work in IT and had a couple extra). Splitting the bill, she paid less than when she only had TV. And I got internet and TV without paying the extra $2200 pesos. Hell ya!

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