Christmas Surprise, 2011


My husband is notoriously terrible at gift buying.  When he was in the US, my parents would take him shopping for myself and I for them.  He simply could not accomplish the task alone.  Even when I was quite explicit about things I would enjoy receiving, he just could not buy them when alone.  I didn’t want to be with him when he bought my gifts because I enjoy being surprised.  But, once in Mexico, there was no one to hold his hand.

Starting in November, 2011, Sal was constantly asking me about things I wanted.  I was happy, thinking that this would be the year he would actually surprise me with a gift.  I began pointing things out that interested me, hoping that he would have the courage to choose one of them.

We went to a local store the day before I left to travel home in 2011.  Until that point, all we had was a small and ugly laundry basket for our dirty clothes.  I wanted something nicer and bigger, something that wasn’t a sore spot in the bedroom.  I pointed out a nice hamper to him.  “I want this,” I told him.  “You should buy it and that can be my present.”

I left some money with him since he was off work without pay during the holiday break.  Then I went home for a week.

I returned to find no hamper.  I asked what happened.  He said he was sorry, that he just couldn’t find the time during the week I was gone.  He then gave me some of my own money and told me I could go buy it.

I was surprised.


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  1. Stupid men! Sorry, but they are. Mine once used my own credit card to buy me my Christmas Present!!! I was indeed pissed off!!! Not a nice thing to do a nice wife

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