Quotes from the Daycare


I kiss you. I’m sorry about that. So sorry.
-3year old boy after he gave me a surprise kiss goodbye.

Sarah, could I please do my homework?
-6 year old girl. Pretty sure I’d have my certificate taken away if I said no.

Mama’s butt is hungry!
-2 year old when mommy had a wedgie.

Your baby is a bad baby.
-5 year old boy talking about David.

We are awesome. Cause I’ve got the brains and you have, like, the awesome.
-9 year old to 10 year old while playing minecraft.

I like Chuckie Cheese. Do you?
Yes. I like cotton candy. Do you?
Yes. I like kickball. Do you?
-two 5 year olds casually conversing.

Goodbye Cameron. I’ll miss you.
-3 year old to his brother who was going into another room.

Grace would be a good wife. She is awesome, smart, a genius, beautiful, and good at coloring.
-6 year old boy speaking about his twin sister.


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