In my area, houses are pretty much exclusively concrete.  As a result, they never get too hot or too cold.  That doesn’t mean I never feel cold or hot—I definitely do!  However, the extremes aren’t the same as they would be back home.  To cope with the heat, heavy drapes on the windows and a single fan do well for us.  For the cold, the drapes also help, plus we use a single heater.  The worst part is taking showers on cold days/nights; we just turn on the heater in the bedroom and shut the door for about ten minutes, then run for our little cave of heat after the shower.

When I arrived in Mexico, I really wanted my house to feel like home.  I brought a lot of things to help with this, but my main items to suggest would be:

  • photographs
  • wall stickers
  • scrapbook paper
  • 3M adhesive stickies

Frames can be found cheap at dollar stores in various sizes.  To add color to the background of photos or to use on its own to spice up a wall, a ream of scrapbook paper can offer lots of interesting designs.  The 3M stickies let you hang items on the wall easier since the walls are concrete.  And wall stickers let you add color and design to bare walls without causing damage.

Questions for my Readers

How do you cope with heat and cold here in Mexico?

What have you done to make your house feel more homey?


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