It often takes time for these things to be installed.  There are some people I know of who waited more than a month to have services installed in their home.  For me, it was a 10 day wait for internet and cable. For a phone, we just use cell phones.  It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with internet cafes that are near you when you first arrive.  I purchased a Kindle so that I could entertain myself via reading and check my email to stay in contact with family and friends.

Before selecting a service, do your research.  Go beyond simply researching prices, channels, and packages via the official websites of the companies.  I have discovered that companies which work very well in one area are often terrible in others.  Speak with the locals if possible and find out what they recommend.  At the moment, we pay almost 400 pesos a month for cable and internet.  We use Cablecom.

Questions for my Readers

How long did it take for your internet/cable/phone to be installed?

What is the best service in your area?

What service do you use?  Are you happy with it?  Have you ever used a different service?  if so, why did you change?

What do you pay for your services?

If you have a land-line, what motivated you to get this instead of relying only on a cell phone?


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