There are many ways you can keep in touch with family and friends back home.  Online is the cheapest method, but sometimes you need to contact someone when they aren’t right by their computer.  The two best options my friends have found are MagicJack and GoogleTalk.  MagicJack gives you a number for whatever area-code you wish.  There is a newer version of MagicJack which plugs into the router; this means it can be used when your computer itself is turned off.  GoogleTalk has allowed free calls to the US for nearly two years and will continue to until the end of this year; however, you are tied to your computer or mobile device in order to use it.  Skype is another option, but it more costly than these two and also requires being tied to your computer or mobile device..

When it comes to family contacting you, MagicJack works well.  You can be anywhere in your home and the phone will ring.  Skype and GoogleTalk also work.  These are free when you are at your computer and can be used to call you cheaply if you have a land-line; when calling a Mexican cell phone, they become more costly.

Questions for my Readers

What other services have you or your family used to call Mexico?  How do they compare in price to Skype rates?

How do you keep in contact with family back home?


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