Each day there are trucks carrying gas tanks which drive though the neighborhood yelling “Gaaaaaaaaassss!”  Simply stop one and have them bring the tank to your home; they should completely change it out for you.  Or, if you need it in a hurry and can’t find the truck, call the company.   We pay 220 pesos per tank.  This tank is used for the stove and heating our water.  We go through a tank about every two months.

The water bill comes to us monthly.  Between dishes, laundry, showers, plants, and other random water use, our bill comes to 56 pesos.  We also have others use our washing machine to earn money–this usually pays for the entire water bill, if not more.  Water to drink is separate.  We go through one large container every week and it costs about 22 pesos.
Electricity is billed every two months and comes to 114 pesos on average.  We have multiple electronics and appliances running on this but we are good about turning off all items when not in use.
The trash is picked up every day if you wish to put it out that often.  A man will walk through the neighborhood ringing a cowbell and yelling “Basura!”  This is the signal to put out your trash.  It is expected that you leave five pesos per can/large bag in my area.  We generally only put it out once a week because they tend to come while we are working; we do not put the cans out while we are gone because dogs will knock them over.  In some neighborhoods, a government provided trash service will come around once or twice a week; no payment is expected.

Questions for my Readers

Do you have access to all of these services where you live?  If not, what do you do to obtain them?

What do you pay in your area for these services?


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