Depending on your hair and your gender, the prices for a haircut will vary.  Both my husband and I frequent little holes in the wall.  My husband pays 20-35 pesos depending on the location.  I have paid as much as 160 for a haircut, but that was at a mall salon.  I now go to a tiny salon near my home and pay 60 for a haircut.  I do not get my hair colored.

When it comes to eyebrows, I generally just pluck them myself.  However, I am guilty of getting seriously lazy and then needing someone else to reshape them for me.  When this happens, I prefer to have a professional tweeze them instead of wax them.  There is too much that can go wrong with wax and I find that salons here tend to prefer making brows too thin.  Using tweezers leaves time for them to ask questions before making the brow line too thin.

I wear acrylic nails.  For the original set, it cost me 200 pesos.  For this, I recommend going to a salon that specializes in nails; the quality of material used should be better.  Before you get them, ask how often the nails should be replaced; an answer of anything less than six months would concern me—it could mean they are using lower quality products to get more money (since new sets cost more than retouches).  When I get my retouches at the specialty salon, it costs me 180 pesos.  Color changes and smaller salons cost me 60 pesos.  I have yet to get a retouch at a smaller salon.

Questions for my Readers

Do you have a salon you recommend in your area?

Do you have a salon horror story?

What vocabulary is important to have when visiting a salon in Mexico?


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