There are many public transportation options in Mexico.  When traveling a long distance, there are many different bus lines available to you.  The price depends on the distance traveled and the quality of the bus.  Some features available on more expensive lines are: bathrooms on board, more comfortable seating, movies, free food/beverage, and increased security.  Most people I know recommend taking a bus that is somewhere in the middle; their opinion is that the most expensive buses are targeted due to the idea that they are carrying rich passengers and that the poorer ones are targeted due to them usually being fuller and giving more opportunities to get money/items.  Additionally, airport buses may be targeted since they are often clearly marked AEROPUERTO and can be assumed to have important possessions.

In Pachuca, we have a form of group taxis called combis.  These are basically modified vans where the back seats are removed and replaced with benches.  The rides are cheap–around 6 pesos–but are usually filled with people, bumpy, and all-together uncomfortable.  They tend to not be the easiest to navigate at first, but once you understand them you can get where you need to be pretty easily.  Also, during special events–such as the Pachuca Feria–they often add the location to their stops with a large and obvious sign.

Taxis are plentiful in larger cities and their color varies depending on location.  Taxis with pink on them are driven by women and often only accept women and children as passengers.  In Pachuca, most rides should cost about 25 pesos  Each stop made constitutes another full ride, so it is not going to save you money to pick up a friend along the way and split the cost.  If you are not sure what you should pay, there should be a fee list on the window of the cab, but I recommend talking to a local first.  Try to have the exact change available–I have had taxi drivers rip me off by giving me the wrong change and then refusing to correct it.

I have yet to take a subway in Mexico so I have no advice on this transportation method.  If you do, please leave some comments.

Questions for my Readers

What bus lines do you like to travel?

What precautions do you taken when traveling?

How do you commute in your city?


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