This isn’t the easiest thing to give advice on since it will vary so widely from person to person and region to region.  But I can tell you what I am glad I brought or wish I had brought (or not brought) with me when I moved.  I came by plane and brought four suitcases plus two carry-ons.  It cost a lot, but when you are permanently moving, it can be worth it.

I am happy I brought:

  • my down comforter (used vacuum bags to bring it)
  • curtains
  • towels
  • supplies of my favorite make-up
  • supplies of my most used medicines (plus baby aspirin and stomach medicines)
  • a Diva Cup and tampons (tampons are rare here–usually can find one box in a sea of pads)
  • lots of clothes (plus size not easy to find here)
  • comfy shoes that wear well (shoes take a beating here, though I have yet to figure out why)
  • lots of bras (can’t find my size here in anything cute/supportive)
  • a few decorative items (made it feel like home real quick)

I Wish I had Brought:

  • pillows
  • bed sheets
  • more towels
  • kitchen towels
  • my favorite hair products
  • my Swiffer mop (took it apart and brought it with me on my second trip)
  • sweaters and sweatshirts (it gets colder here than I realized)
  • more make-up
  • more medicine (NyQuil and Mucinex to be specific)
  • hard, plastic stir spoons (the plastic stir spoons for cooking seem to be very bendy here and metal is bad on non-stick pans)

I Wish I had Not Brought:

  • The only thing I regret bringing was clothing that wrinkles easily or does not let the wrinkles fall out while drying.  I have a box of clothing that I never wear anymore because I am too lazy to iron them.

Questions for my Readers

Are there items you would add to these lists?


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